ROM Posters


Printing Design, Graphic Design

Release Date

March 2008



ROM poster was a York/Sheridan Design program project in 2008. The project goal was researching on one of the ancient writing types, including Prehistoric cave paintings, Native American pictographs/petroglyphs, Mayan hieroglyphics, Mesopotamian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Phoenician picture signs, Greek letterforms, Roman capitals, Chinese ideograms, Early Hebrew calligraphic forms, Arabic calligraphy, Caroline minuscules [Carolingian minuscule], and Gothic texture, and make a poster “on behalf of” Royal Ontario Museum for the exhibition.

All three designs have the same body content. To reflect the exhibition held by the Royal Ontario Museum, I used the ROM logo colours, blue, orange, and red, in the word “Art” in the topic. The plain white background in the first design represents the rice paper Chinese used for calligraphy. the bottom part is the most famous Chinese calligraphy work called “Orchid Pavilion Preface” written by WANG Xizhi. In the second design, I used traditional Chinese yellowish painting as background, and also applied Chinese calligraphy to the design on the left side. In the third design, the seal-like icon was a dragon carved on ancient Chinese tiles (most of them were on the roof). and the bottom timeline was the evolution of the Chinese character dragon, “long”, from oracle to current Simplified Chinese.