Rhodium Transformation Tarot Website


Branding, Website Design

Release Date

September 2023



The Rhodium Transformation Tarot website, meticulously crafted for our client in September 2023, is your gateway to the mystical realms of online tarot readings and enlightening lectures. Designed on Wix, this bilingual (English and Chinese) dynamic website boasts diverse pages and interactive learning apps, providing an immersive experience for tarot enthusiasts and learners alike.

One of the key highlights of our design journey was the recreation of the logo, skillfully incorporating the essence of Rhodium Transformation while infusing it with tarot symbolism. This thoughtful addition not only preserves the brand identity but also adds a touch of magic and intrigue, perfectly aligning with the website’s mystical theme.

Explore our diverse pages and engaging learning apps to deepen your understanding of tarot. Whether you’re a novice seeking introductory lessons or an experienced reader looking for advanced insights, our platform caters to all levels of expertise. Each section is meticulously curated to offer a seamless blend of knowledge, intuition, and spiritual connection.

Immerse yourself in our online tarot readings, where skilled readers unravel the secrets of the cards, guiding you towards profound self-discovery and clarity. Our lectures, conducted by seasoned experts, delve deep into the rich history, symbolism, and artistry of tarot, providing an enriching educational experience.

The Rhodium Transformation Tarot website is not just a platform; it’s a sacred space where curiosity meets wisdom, and seekers find the answers they seek. Join our bilingual community of tarot enthusiasts, where discussions flourish, questions find answers, and connections are made.

Step into a world where ancient wisdom meets modern technology. Let the cards illuminate your path and the lectures broaden your horizons. Experience the transformative power of tarot-like never before.