Basic Baking Soda Packaging Design


Packaging Design, Branding, Graphic Design

Release Date

April 2010



The Basic baking soda packaging design was initially begun with the idea of using a small box to hold baking soda for users’ convenience. According to market research, consumers need baking soda in smaller packages. Moreover, the baking soda box itself can be used functionally as a container rather than a ‘package’ only. The mission of Basic baking soda packaging design was to create small-size multilingual container-liked boxes for baking soda.

The reason for naming the baking soda brand “BASIC” is because it refers to a daily normal product and the packaging is designed with basic shapes. The product is available in eight languages, which include French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, and Japanese. The choice of color represents the background and the culture within the specific target region. The basic cube-shaped box can be used as a container individually. The transparent window on top of the cubic provides the consumers the ability to see through the product. Basic baking soda is available in small packages and large packages. In this way, consumers will have more options to choose from.